Unwanted Temptation (Karma x Nagisa) – Assassination Classroom

~Hey guys, I’m sorry for bothering you in English, but in next time I have to pass my english exam. I really cannot concentrate on studying, so I decided to write a new fanfiction in English while hoping my English will get a little bit better. This time it is about Assassination Classroom, Karma x Nagisa. That means Yaoi! Don’t like, don’t read! Otherwise please enjoy!~


It has been a while since I saw him the last time, but today I met him again. Karma reacted as if nothing happened, but actually a lot happened at the summer vacation.

The school bell rang, when I was already sitting in class. From the last row I felt his look in my neck, but I couldn’t turn around. I had to act normal, nobody should know what happened. Though I thought Koro-sensei was looking at me worried. Suddenly Kaede asked me: „Nagisa, are you alright?“ I laughed a bit embarrassed. „Sure, I am just a little bit tired.“ They would believe it, wouldn’t they? Nobody asked and I starting to feel like a „normal“ student which, in our situation, means like a „normal“ assassin, but after school I couldn’t run away and had to talk with Kaede, therefore he got me.

„Hey Nagisa, can we talk?“ When I heared his voice I became scared. „Sure..“, I answered a little bit insecure and Kaede left. „Say Nagisa, are you avoiding me?“ „I’m not.“ „Eeh?“ His sadistic smile increased my heartbeat. I felt like he could hear it. „Karma-kun, listen… can we just forget what happened?“ I dodged his eyes with mine and turned my head away. He was too fast, so I wasn’t able to notice that he stood by my side at once while whispering with this special voice: „Are you scared?“ „No, it’s just that…“ „That?“ „…that I don’t wanna do this anymore.“ „This isn’t an argument.“ „Of cour…“ He interrupted and kissed me. My knees became softer and my face got blushed. „Karma-kun… you cannot…“ „I can.“ He pulled me into the forests and against a tree. I should defend myself, but when it comes to this always I can’t handle the situation anymore. This lips, this smile, this sadistic voice I couldn’t resist it. He kissed me passionately while pushing my hands against the tree. He was such a good kisser. Then he gently licked me neck. I gasped a little bit and tried to hold my voice down. „Karma-kun, please… not here…“ „Why not?“ He whispered charming. „When somebody sees us, then…“ „Then…?“ I didn’t know what would happen, if somebody saw us. He grined evil and slowy openend my shirt. „Karma… no!“, I emphasized strong, but he wouldn’t listen. He went lower and lower with his tongue. I moaned a little bit and repeated my request.

At this moment an other voice came to my ears: „I wanted to pair off my students, but this was not what I expected.“ Karma looked really embarrassed up to me. Your eyes met each other. We slowly turned our heads towards Koro-sensei who stood right next to us and stared at us like we were somebody in his pervert magazines. „Oi Koro-sensei, are you excited by your students or what on earth are you doing so close to us?“, Karma asked feigned self-confident. „That’s what I meant by letting me go.“


Dead End? xP
~ If you find a fault, you can show me! Anyway I hope you enjoy it. If you want to read more of this kind of stuff or if you want to know what exactly happened in the summer vacation between them , you can write it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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